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Five Indicators That You Should Sue the Nursing Home

Unfortunately abuse in nursing homes is all too common. If your elderly loved one is in a nursing home, it is important to be on a lookout for signs of abuse. Here are five indicators that you should sue the nursing home:


  1. Unexplained injuries. Bruises and other unexplained injuries is one of the most common signs of nursing home abuse. Although nursing home residents can sometimes fall and develop bruises, nursing home staff should observe their patients every day and take care of injuries immediately.
  2. Sudden mental change or physical decline. It is also important to be aware of abrupt mental changes or physical decline. For example, if your family member is usually calm but all of a sudden becomes agitated and angry, there may be a problem at the nursing home. If you notice that your loved one is suddenly have mobility, toileting or other physical issues, the nursing home may be to blame.
  3. Elder complaints. While some nursing home residents stay quiet about improper nursing home situations, others voice their complaints. If your family member has complained about not being taken to the bathroom enough or getting improperly prepared food, you should take his or her complaints seriously. It’s important to notify the nursing home immediately about what has been going on.
  4. Warnings from staff members. Staff members may directly or indirectly warn family members if there is something wrong with a nursing home. For instance, if you notice that there aren’t enough nursing home staff members, your family member might not get looked after properly. If you hear staff reports of disease outbreaks in the nursing home, it may be time to take your family member out of there.


  1. Family observations. It’s a good idea to regularly visit your family member in a nursing home and keep a close eye out on the conditions there. If the nursing home looks dirty or has an unpleasant smell, for example, it could be a cause for concern. It may also indicate a problem if you see residents who aren’t properly dressed or groomed.


If you believe your family member is not being treated properly at a nursing home, it is crucial to contact a personal injury lawyer Charlottesville VA trusts as soon as possible. An experienced attorney can investigate your case and pursue a lawsuit against the nursing home. Your loved one deserves justice for what happened.

Thanks to our friends and contributors from MartinWren, P.C. for their insight into personal injury and nursing home cases.

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