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Being a lawyer in Texarkana, we often take on cases that involve issues in multiple states.  This can make the practice of law somewhat more complex in this area than in many other areas of the state or country.  That’s why it’s important to hire an attorney in Texarkana for matters involving local cases.  Few firms in Dallas, Little Rock, or parts in between will have attorneys who are licensed in multiple states.

Here at the Harrelson Law Firm, we have attorneys who are licensed in Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.  As a matter of fact, we are the only firm in this area with attorneys that practice in these four states.

The Harrelson Law Firm also has attorneys who specialize in all aspects of the law.  Jeff Harrelson specializes in criminal law, and Steve Harrelson specializes in civil law.  The firm handles all sorts of disputes from personal injury, family law, commercial litigation, and white collar crime.  All attorneys are also admitted to practice in all state and federal courts across the region.  Give us a call today to discuss any matters important to you.

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