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Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

It can be tough determining what to do after you’ve experienced an accident that caused an injury. You may wonder if you need to contact a personal injury lawyer to pay for your accident-related damages. You may have a bit of doubt in your mind about seeking help from such a personal injury attorney, especially if you think your injury may not be that serious. The following information may answer your questions and explain more about personal injuries and your rights. If you have additional questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to a Harrisonburg VA personal injury lawyer. Most offer free case reviews.

You Have a Right to Seek Legal Counsel

You have the right to seek legal counsel for any situation, including car accidents caused by someone else and which injured you. If the personal injury lawyer you consult finds an element of neglect in the other party’s actions, then he or she may offer to take the case for you.

You May Have a Right to Collect a Settlement

You may be eligible to collect two types of compensation if the judge finds the other party guilty of causing your injury or neglect. Neglect occurs when a person or an entity fails to look out for the best interest of a person. It can occur in medical cases, auto accidents, workplace accidents, stores, and even the homes of personal friends and family members.

  • Compensatory damages are monies that compensate you for various injury-related losses like work wages, hospital expenses, therapy and other forms of treatment.
  • Punitive damages are additional funds that an offender must pay for a severely neglective occurrence. A drunk driving incident is an example of something that may qualify you to collect punitive damages.

You Can Collect out of Court

You can have a personal injury attorney try to settle the case out of court so that you do not have to wait for months or years for your case to settle. Some offending parties do agree to that when they feel as though they may not win the case. The only downside to settling out of court is that you will not receive punitive damages. However, that is a rare occurrence even in court cases.

You Can Win Lawsuit

If the other party is not willing to settle out of court, you may have no choice but to go through a court trial. The positive thing about that is that you may receive additional punitive damages if your personal injury attorney can prove they are warranted.

If You Are Partially Responsible

Even if you are partially responsible for the accident, you may be able to collect compensation. Many states have a rule whereby they will allow the plaintiff up to 50 percent responsibility for their own injury. The judge handles such matters by reducing the settlement amount when the person wins. Therefore, you should not rule out contacting a personal injury attorney. Your local personal injury lawyer can review your case and explain how it may be affected if in fact you are found partially responsible.

You May Not Have to Pay a Dime Until You Win

If you hire a personal injury attorney you may not have to upfront costs for their representation. You may have the opportunity to receive no-win-no-fee representation, which means the attorney will work even harder to win your case. Prior to signing a contract with a personal injury lawyer be certain that you understand their fee structure and all costs that will be incurred whether or not you win a settlement or lawsuit.

Contact a personal injury attorney for more information specific to your case.

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