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Family Law FAQs

FAQ: I am getting a divorce; do I need a lawyer?

A family law lawyer Texarkana AR residents can rely on, would suggest consulting with a lawyer on any major life events or changes is a good idea. In the case of a divorce, the lawyer may be able to help protect your rights and the children’s rights. The attorneys at Harrelson Law Firm are current with the laws of Arkansas concerning divorce and child custody.

FAQ: Who determines how assets are divided in a divorce?

During a divorce, spouses are free to divide their property as they see fit. This is referred to as “marital settlement agreement” and it solves the problems related to separation of property, debts and other assets. Even though most divorces begin with a high level of animosity, it is hopeful that the two individuals may be able to make an agreement. If a settlement cannot be made, then a judge may make the decisions of the property and other issues. A family law lawyer Texarkana AR residents trust, may be able to help counsel you on settling disputes to avoid going to court.

FAQ: How do courts determine who gets custody of children during a divorce?

Unfortunately, parents cannot always agree on who should receive custody of their children. In a situation where an agreement cannot be made, the court can decide who may receive custody based on “the best interest of the child.” This involves many factors and contacting a family law lawyer in Texarkana AR from Harrelson Law Firm, may help you learn more about the custody process.

FAQ: What is joint custody?

There are two parts of joint custody and the parents are at liberty to choose either both forms of custody or just one.

  1. Joint legal custody: In this situation both parents share the major decisions that affect their child. This could include what school they attend, health care, religious practices, discipline methods and much more.
  2. Joint physical custody: This refers to the amount of time spent with each parent. A family law lawyer Texarkana AR residents rely on, may be able to provide guidance when choosing how the time can be split among the parents.

FAQ: How is child support decided?

There are specific guidelines for each state when determining child support and the amount of money paid for the child support. A family law lawyer Texarkana AR employs can have a vast understanding of Arkansas’ child support guidelines. Typically, the parent without the child may often pay support, but if the parents are sharing the time equally, then the spouse with the greater income may have to pay the support. There are several details that are considered when determining child support and a Texarkana family law lawyer from Harrelson Law Firm may be able to provide beneficial support.

FAQ: Can I receive a free consultation?

At Harrelson Law Firm, we encourage you to contact our office to receive a free consultation from one of our highly skilled and experienced lawyers. If you need a family law lawyer Texarkana AR residents trust, then contact us at (870) 330-7680.