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Can I sue my ex for emotional abuse?

If you have been in an abusive relationship, and have suffered emotional abuse, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. If you are able to relay how destructive the emotional abuse and constant complaints or criticism were and how neglect was detrimental on your mental and emotional health, a judge may award you compensation. Emotional abuse is actually proven to be as damaging to an individual’s self esteem and mental outlook on life as physical abuse. Reversing any damage done by an abusive spouse or partner may take years of depression medication or therapy. Unlike abuse that is physical and is punishable by law, abuse that is emotional has only recently begun to be recognized. This means that it is definitely possible to sue your ex for emotional abuse, but the proof that you need to provide will probably need the help of a personal injury attorney.

Proving emotional abuse cases has become a lot easier lately, because most states have accepted the idea that emotional distress can cause intentional infliction. This is much needed confirmation and validation for victims of emotional abuse. To win your case for emotional abuse, you must prove that your abuser acted intentionally and recklessly, their actions were too extreme, and that their actions are what caused measurable and severe damage to your emotional health.

Additional requirements for proof vary by state, but typically these three things must be proven for the emotional abuse to be considered intolerable behavior.
Family Attorneys Arizona prefers can help make initial judgments of your abuser’s comments or behavior and help determine if you have a case or not. To have a solid case for your emotional damage, it will require that you demonstrate that your abuser had  prior knowledge of how the abuse could affect you, yet still chose to harm you. An example of this is if your ex partner knew you were very afraid of arachnids and that you had been going to therapy for this, yet still brought home a tarantula and placed it on you intentionally. In this type of case, you are able to prove that your ex knew of your emotional weakness but still used it to harm you. If this type of distress caused you to miss work and you lost any wages from it, your compensation may include those lost wages. If you have any friends that have seen the abusive behavior or its affects on you, you may ask them to testify on your behalf as well.


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