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The Use of Depositions

The discovery phase of pending lawsuits is when depositions are most commonly used. Attorneys rely on depositions while preparing and litigating civil cases. Depositions help lawyers discover crucial new evidence and facts about a case. Every state in the union allows attorneys to use depositions as they are often critical in the legal process. It

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Common Causes of Truck Rollover Accidents

A rollover accident takes place when the wheels of a vehicle lose contact with the road surface, causing it to overturn onto its side or even upside down. While this type of accident can happen to any vehicle, large trucks have a higher tendency of rolling over, mainly because of their huge size, considerable length,

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Why Landlords Are Liable For Personal Injuries Of Tenants

Landlords usually have enough to worry about between managing various properties and ensuring tenants are paying rent on time, but should they also be concerned about personal injury lawsuits? The short answer is YES. Landlords are generally responsible for keeping their properties reasonably well-maintained and in good repair for their tenants and guests. Injuries that

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5 Important Questions in a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Workers’ compensation policies are part of broader employment legislation that the U.S. federal government and individual states have enacted to protect American workers. When an employee is injured at their workplace or while performing a work-related task, they may be eligible to collect financial assistance through a workers’ compensation program. If you’ve been injured on

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Bicycle Safety On the Road

Bicycling is a great way to travel because it’s friendly to the environment and beneficial for your health. However, bicycling on the road does come with some drawbacks because getting into an accident can be very dangerous. Since cars are so much bigger than bicycles, you are very likely to be severely hurt if you

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Break and Give Way

When you lean on a rail or walk on a path, you should be able to do so with reasonable certainty that it will do its’ job and support you. This is why, according to the law, it is the responsibility of the property owner to properly maintain the stability of the rails and surfaces

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